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Boiler Installation in Long Ashton

Our team of engineers at CRB Plumbing & Heating can install boilers for homes in Long Ashton and the surrounding areas. We are City & Guilds qualified and members of the Gas Safe register for your peace of mind.

With many years of experience, we work with all types of heating systems. Whether you require a replacement combi or are starting from scratch with a new one, we are happy to help.

Call us today on 0770 878 1814 for more information about our services in Long Ashton and the surrounding areas.

Professional Boiler Installation

Installing a new central heating system, whether from scratch or as a replacement, requires some consideration. Before the boiler installation takes place you need to choose a type to suit your requirements and then where it should be placed.

Types of appliance to choose from include:

  • Combination
  • Regular (Traditional/Conventional)
  • System

Combination systems are very popular as they are highly efficient, cost-effective and easy to fix. Our team can advise you on what type is more appropriate for your property.

When replacing an existing appliance, the process for a boiler installation is often quick and simple. For example, if swapping an old combi for a new one it can take as little as one day.

A comprehensive boiler installation involves connecting the appliance to pumps and pipes to the mains water supply and radiators. To protect you and your home, sealants are used throughout the heating system to prevent leaks.

House heating concept - modern home gas fired boiler
boiler installer setting up central gas heating boiler at home

Why Replace Your Boiler?

There is a range of reasons why you might be looking for a replacement. Some common ones include:

  • Old and Expensive to Repair
  • Not Working Efficiently
  • Regularly Breaks Down

If your appliance requires repairs several times a year, it is probably time to replace it. Similarly, if it is an older model then it can be difficult to find cost-effective parts to fix issues that occur.

In addition to these reasons, many homeowners in Long Ashton are beginning to use smart technology to control the temperature and efficiency of their heating. Older appliances are not compatible with this newer technology so replacing is the best option.

Whenever a new boiler is put in, to comply with Gas Safe rules and building regulations the engineer must notify your local authority about the new appliance. You should also be provided with a Building Regulations Certificate to prove the installation follows these regulations.

Annual Servicing

If you have had a recent boiler installation your priority is making sure that it lasts as long as possible. Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure your heating system continues to work safely and efficiently throughout the year.

Our team at CRB Plumbing & Heating offer servicing in Long Ashton and the surrounding areas and recommend that checks are undertaken annually. Some of the benefits of annual servicing include:

  • Longevity
  • Low Repair and Energy Costs
  • Preserve Valid Warranty
  • Safety

Annual servicing is also a legal requirement for businesses and landlords. To ensure the safety of tenants or employees, you must have an engineer inspect the condition of your heating system and provide a gas safety certificate.

Our engineers will check the gas pressure, emissions and controls of the appliance. We then inspect the components for rust or corrosion and ensure the flue and ventilation is working properly.

Worker soldering plastic pipes and connecting them to a domestic gas boiler.

Get in Touch

Contact our team today to arrange a consultation for a boiler installation in Long Ashton and the surrounding areas. Please call us on 0770 878 1814 for more information. Alternatively, fill in the contact form or email us on for a prompt response.

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