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How to Clean a Shower Head

By 28/01/2017November 20th, 2019Blog

Just like everything else in your bathroom, your shower head needs a good cleaning every once in a while – particularly if you have issues with limescale build-up.

A dirty shower head doesn’t flow as freely. And eventually, limescale deposits can stop up your shower head completely.

The good news? Cleaning a shower head is quicker and easier than you think.

How to Clean a Shower Head

If you turn on the shower and the water isn’t running as freely as it used to, you may have limescale deposits clogging the shower head. Follow the steps below to clean your shower head, and enjoy your showers once more.

1. Remove the Shower Head

First, remove the shower head carefully. The head should simply unscrew from the base. You shouldn’t have to remove the joint arm that allows you to adjust the direction of the head.

2. Soak the Shower Head in White Vinegar

No harsh chemicals are required to remove limescale deposits – simple white vinegar will do the trick.

Once you’ve removed the head, place it in a large bowl and cover it with vinegar. Allow the head to soak for at least 30 minutes or overnight (preferred). The more clogged the shower head, the longer you should allow it to soak.

The acid in the vinegar will dissolve the limescale deposits and clear away any leftover debris.

3. Rinse and Replace

Once the head is done soaking, rinse it thoroughly with warm water to remove the deposits, dirt and grime.

Next, dry off the head and replace.

Cleaning a Permanent Shower Head

If you can’t remove your shower head:

  • Fill a strong plastic bag with white vinegar.
  • Tie the bag around the shower head, ensuring that the entire fixture is covered in vinegar.
  • Make sure the bag is secured tightly.
  • Allow to soak overnight.

Remove the bag the next morning, and give the shower head a good wipe down.

Repeat this process once every three to six months to keep your shower head clean and free of limescale build-up.