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Shower Keeps Running Out of Hot Water? This is Why

By 30/08/2017November 20th, 2019Blog

If you’re in the middle of a nice, hot shower and all of a sudden, the water gets cold, there’s a problem. Showers will get cold as the hot water heater runs out of hot water, but this should happen gradually.

When hot water runs out quickly, it’s a problem that can be caused by many different things.

2 Reasons Why Your Hot Water is Running Out

1. Small Water Heater Tank

Your water heater needs to be able to accommodate your entire home. When the water heater tank is too small, you may experience short bursts of hot water. Your family size has a major impact on the size water heater you need, too.

If five people need to shower in the morning, it will take a much larger tank to provide adequate hot water than if three people are in a household.

A few key reasons your tank size may be too small are:

  • The previous family didn’t have a need for a larger tank.
  • You chose the most economic water tank and not the largest.
  • Your family demands have increased or your family size has grown.

If you have a smaller water heater tank, you may want to invest in a new model. A new water tank that’s larger in size will better be able to accommodate higher water demands. You can speak to your plumber to discuss your options.

Oftentimes, piping changes will need to be made to accommodate a larger tank.

Some homes will not be able to fit a larger tank due to the room’s size, so this is also something you’ll need to discuss with your plumber. There’s also the option of a tankless water heater that’s used for your shower only.

2. Sediment Buildup in the Tank

If you live in an area that has hard water, sediment buildup is a real threat to your water heater. Homes with hard water need extra water tank care to ensure that the water tank runs optimally without sediment accumulation.

Sediment (grainy and loose) will buildup in your tank and take up space.

When the sediment starts to take up space, this means one thing: less room for water. While a small problem at first, sediment buildup will start to accumulate over time and reduce your water tank’s maximum capacity by a lot.

The good news is that a lot of homeowners correct the issue on their own.

You just need to flush the sediment out of your water tank. It’s important to flush out this sediment for two reasons:

  1. Sediment will start to deteriorate your water tank.
  2. Sediment will cause your energy bills to rise.

You can flush the sediment out of the tank yourself, or call a plumber to perform the flushing. A good flushing should also include an assessment of the tank. If the tank shows signs of deterioration, you may need to replace or repair the tank.

A plumber can perform an assessment for you.

Installing a water softener will help curb the amount of sediment that begins to accumulate in your tank.

These are the two reasons why your hot shower quickly turns cold.

If you are having a problem with you shower and would like our help, then please get in touch with us at CRB plumbing & Heating and we will do our best to get the problem resolved as soon as possible.