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Tips for Saving Water

By 08/02/2017November 20th, 2019Blog

Water is essential to life – but it’s also expensive and a limited resource. Whether you want to save money on your monthly water bill or prevent waste (or both), there are plenty of simple ways to start conserving water.

Use the tips below to cut back on your water usage.

1. Install a Low Flow Shower Head

Did you know that power showers use about 136 litres of water with each shower? Baths use an average of 80 liters of water.

A simple way to cut back on your water usage is to install a shower head that’s designed to be low flow. These heads restrict how much water is pushed through, so you save money and use less water.

Many modern showers also offer an “Eco” mode that reduces the flow to about 10 litres per minute. By comparison, the standard shower has a flow rate of about 13.5 litres per minute.

While it may not seem like a significant change, over time, the reduced flow will save you on your water bill.

2. Invest in a Dual Flush Toilet

A single flush toilet uses between nine and 12 litres of water with each flush. That’s a lot of wasted water each time you use the bathroom.

Swapping out your single flush toilet for a dual flush model will help you cut back signficantly on your water usage.

A dual flush toilet uses as little as two litres of water with each light flush.

3. Use a Water Meter

Many modern, newer homes already have a water meter installed. If you live in an older home, you may not have a built-in meter. Installing a meter will help you keep an eye on how much water your household is using.

One last tip: invest in quality products. Quality shower heads and toilets will use less water naturally, allowing you to save money and cut back on waste.