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Why You Should Choose Underfloor Heating

In recent years, underfloor heating has become increasingly popular in homes across the UK. Underfloor heating is a means of heating a whole property by installing pipes within your floor, carrying warm water to radiate heat into rooms from below.

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Increased Comfort & Efficiency

With underfloor heating, you can experience a more evenly and consistently distributed level of heat from the floor to the ceiling. Underfloor heating has a large surface area, so you can reduce the flow temperature beyond the possibilities of conventional radiators without the room temperature dropping.

This benefits your heat pump as it is more efficient at lower flow temperatures, lowering your running costs. On top of that, you can control each individual room’s temperature, so you don’t need to unnecessarily heat empty rooms.

Very Little Maintenance

When installed correctly, underfloor heating systems require very little maintenance. As they are installed underfloor, they are less prone to damage. Through conducting regular pressure testing, you can eliminate the possibility of leaks.

Maintenance can be costly and inconvenient, so be sure you choose a reliable underfloor heating installer like the team at CRB Plumbing & Heating.

Great For Allergy Sufferers

Radiators circulate airborne dust particles around your home, which can aggravate asthma and other allergies. Underfloor heating systems radiate heat rather than causing convection currents, making them a more ideal choice for sufferers.

Increases Home Value

Having an underfloor heating system installed is a more modern and highly advanced way of heating your home, giving it a sense of luxury. This will appeal to potential buyers if you consider selling.

Works With All Flooring Types

Underfloor heating can be installed under all flooring types including:

  • Tile & Stone
  • Carpet
  • Wood & Laminate
  • Vinyl

This means you are still free to choose the type of flooring you desire. However, there will be differences in how quickly and efficiently heat will transfer to the surface.

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